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28/01/2017Massimo Paracchini
Massimo Paracchini was awarded that prize on 22nd Januarj 2017 in the “Sala Galileo Galilei” of the Meeting Palace of Pisa
Massimo Paracchini was awarded that prize on 22nd Januarj 2017 in the “Sala Galileo Galilei” of the Meeting Palace of Pisa (1, Giacomo Matteotti Street) in the presence of art critic Dr Salvatore Russo.

The “Galileo Galilei” International Award is an exclusive prize which is conferred to artists that stand out for the recognized value of their work.
Massimo Paracchini was awarded that prize on 22nd Januarj 2017 in the “Sala Galileo Galilei” of the Meeting Palace of Pisa (1, Giacomo Matteotti Street) in the presence of art critic Dr Salvatore Russo, art advisor Dr Francesco Saverio Russo, editor in chief Mr Sandro Serradifalco and conference interpreter Ms Carola Norcia. The artists awarded had been selected by art critic Dr Salvatore Russo and art advisor Dr Francesco Saverio Russo, who are the creators and developers of the project.
This award evokes the splendor of Pisa and the figure of the scientist Galileo Galilei.
Pisa is one of the most important art towns in the World, with its famous Leaning Tower, built between 1173 and the early XIV century. Worth to be seen are also the Cathedral, the Baptistery, “Palazzo Medici” and the famous “Piazza dei Miracoli”.
Since he was a child, Galileo Galilei showed a vivid interest for art and in particular for painting, so that his pupil Vincenzo Viviani wrote about him: “If at that age he had been free to choose a profession, he would have certainly chosen to become a painter”.
Galileo was acquainted with the best known painters of his time and many others took their inspiration from his work. At the same time, many artists dedicated their works to him.

During the award ceremony – at the Meeting Palace of Pisa “Sala Galileo Galilei” - there was a video exhibition of the selected painting and of a photo of the artist.
Massimo Paracchini was awarded the “Galileo Galilei“ International Prize consisting in a precious sculpture trophy with the artist's name engraved on it. The statue – portraying the scientist Galileo Galilei – was created by skillful Tuscan craftmen with conglomerate of marble powder and synthetic resin and it was gilded by hand. It is a fine piece of Italian handiwork installed on a black marble basis. (height 17 centimeters).

The awarded painting has been published full page in the official catalogue of the happening and half a page in the art magazine “Art International Contemporary Magazine” within an article dedicated to Galileo's life.

Title of the awarded painting : Kromotrance in Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling in the hyperelliptic and hyperdimensional curves of the Universe
Acrylic on canvas 100x100
Colours in Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling stream on the white canvas, free and overwhelming in the swirling hyperelliptic and hyperdimensional curves of the Universe and of the Soul, leading the artist - through a constant alchemic search - to Transcendental Kromotrance, that is to say a new global and ecstatic vision of the Cosmos which can suddenly open us new horizons and make us overstep every possible limit and cross over the infinite.
To paint like a savage, a primitive, with no rules and no time, just following pure instinct; to apply trans - geometry and overturning the cosmic coordinates of the mythical Arcadian-Euclidean world in order to transfigure it completely thanks to transcendental Kromotrance which can change every image into a pure immediate vision, every sound into music and every word in eternal poetry through that magic and free aspersion of colour called Free Sprinkling Overflowing e Sparkling, which transforms everything and trans - atomizes everything, thus allowing us to seize the true and deepest essence of the whole Universe.
Every image, every shape must be transformed by the artist in perfect, timeless vision through an alchemic process of dynamic krometamorphosis and it can be trans - atomized through that skillful and magic aspersion of colour called Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling. At the same time, every image and every shape can also be projected onto the hyperelliptical and hyperdimensional shapes of the Universe and it can be transfigured by the unrestrained impulse of the Soul which is alive and throbbing with strong feelings and infinite emotions in a space and in a time which are universal and can be reached only through a progressive Transcendental Kromotrance.
From “Transcendental Eidetic of Art”
by Massimo Paracchini
Artist biography : Massimo Paracchini, from Alchemic – Cosmic Free Sprinkling to Free Sprinkling Overflowing e Sparkling
Massimo Paracchini was born on March 5th, 1962 in Borgomanero, Novara, Italy.
As a child, he studied Art at Professor's Rinone's Studio and then got a Degree at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Turin. Starting with representational art, he evolved towards expressionism, cubism and conceptual art. He elaborated different theories of artistic creation, such as “Cosmic-Alchemic free Sprinkling”, “Eidetic and Visionary Trans-Futurism”, “Primordial-Chromatic Trans-atomization”, “Thought and Soul Interference”, “Hyper-elliptic and Hyper-dimensional Geometry”, “Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling”, “Wavelight Lightning”, “Alchemic, Dynamic and Orphic Kro-metamorphosis”, “Chromatic Crushing of the Alchemic Space”, “Chromatic Energheia”, Astra-geometrical Espressionism” and “Trans-geometry”.
His subjects range from animals, still natures, landscapes and portraits to nudes and abstracts.
Techniques: acrylic, oil, tempera, mixed media.
The artist's paintings are in the Marketplace directed by Vittorio Sgarbi (www.bebopart.com/it/artista/493-Massimo-Paracchini) and on exhibition at Nelson Cornici Art Gallery in Vercelli and Noli Art Gallery, in Noli (Savona).
He is present in the most important Italian art catalogues and he is appreciated by Italian art critics such as Paolo Levi, Salvatore Russo, Sandro Serradifalco, Elena Cicchetti and Tiziana Tamburi.

Sito web: www.massimoparacchini.it
E-mail: massimo.paracchini@libero.it


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